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Human platelet lysate (hPL) has become the gold standard media supplement in regenerative medicine. Humans platelets play an essential role in wound healing and tissue repair, along with their crucial involvement in inflammation, immunity, and angiogenesis processes.


Our lysing methods ensure that the abundant growth factors, cytokines, adhesion and immunologic molecules stored in human platelets granules are naturally released and readily bioavailable in our Cell XPand® products. Minerals and vitamins that can promote cell growth and differentiation are also readily bioavailable in our products.

Effective substitute for fetal bovine serum

Cell XPand® is an effective, high-protein substitute to fetal bovine serum (FBS) for ex vivo expansion of human cells, including mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) and endothelial cells (ECs).


May be used for human ex-vivo tissue and cell culture

Cell XPand® supports cell expansion for research, clinical trials and commercial application. 


Enables xeno-free cell propagation

hPL allows for cell propagation in a xeno-free serum, enabling humanized production of safe cell therapeutics, and GMP compliant cell manufacturing. 


No bovine pathogens or proteins

Fetal bovine serum carries risk of exposure to bovine pathogens and immunogenic reactions to xenogenic proteins, along with higher batch-to-batch and lower cost-effectiveness when compared to hPL.

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