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Exosome-Depleted Cell Xpand® 

Product Details
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  • GMP compliant, clinical grade, exosome-depleted hPL

  • FDA Data Master File available

  • Available in closed-system cryobags and Nalgene bottles

  • No heparin added during production or required for use

  • Xeno-free alternative to FBS and other animal derived serums

  • Cost-effective replacement for AB serum

  • Ample supply to meet large-scale commercialization needs

  • Superior human derived product for human cell growth, principally for exosome secretion and isolation assays

  • Rich in proteins, growth factors and cytokines that maximize cell growth

  • Products used in clinical trials around the globe

  • Faster cell growth kinetics and cell doubling times

  • Ethical, animal-suffering free cell culture media supplement

Our products

Cell Xpand® is a is a clinical grade, non-xenogenic, heparin free, fibrinogen depleted and GMP compliant cell culture media supplement manufactured from FDA/AABB approved apheresis platelet units. It is an effective substitute to fetal bovine serum (FBS) for in vitro propagation and maintenance of human cells.

We now offer exosome-depleted human platelet lysate, for exosome secretion and isolation assay needs. Our Nalgene bottles are best for incorporation into manufacturing protocols, while the Cryobags are considered a preferred option for automated clinical protocols  or large scale manufacturing in bioreactors. 

Cell Xpand®​ Exosome-Depleted Bottle

GMP-ready human platelet lysate for manufacturing protocols


Cell Xpand®​ Exosome-Depleted Cryobag

GMP-ready human platelet lysate for automated clinical protocols or large scale manufacturing in bioreactors


Elk Quality Guarantee



Minimized lot-to-lot variability by pooling over 200 human U.S. donors from AABB accredited/FDA registered blood centers.



Established manufacturer, dependable supply, and stable pricing.



GMP compliant with available FDA Data Master File.

Take your cell growth to the next level.

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Elk bottles square_edited_edited.png
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